Are you carrying the world on your shoulders? Well, you came to the right place. Dedicated to assist small business owners looking to find relief from the stress caused by starting or upgrading their business. Our trained staff can supply professional guidance per the decision-making process. Let us help you with the computer technology that benefits your business needs.     
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Web Designer and Computer Consultant
Kathy Allibone
(386) 329-2211

About Us:
Located in Palatka, Florida 
(On-site service available within Putnam County). 
Providing the best services available, our company continues to research and improve computer knowledge within our departments. Handling software issues only. Examples include but not limited to the following: Resumes, Spreadsheets (Excel), Database Programing (Access), Form Letters (Word), Websites (setup/hosting), Outlook Setup, Business Logo Designs, Business Cards, Letterheads, Ebay Accounts, Menus, Quickbook Pro Setup and Etc.

Don't Panic Today
(386) 329-2211
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